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(CT:VISA-1774;   05-24-2023)

A marriage where one or both parties was not present (proxy marriage) is not valid unless the marriage was consummated.

(1)  Consummated:  For the purpose of issuing a visa to a “spouse,” a proxy marriage that has been subsequently consummated is valid as of the date of the proxy ceremony.  A proxy marriage consummated before the proxy ceremony is not a marriage for visa adjudication purposes unless it has been consummated subsequently.

(2)  Unconsummated:  A proxy marriage that has not been subsequently consummated does not create or confer the status of “spouse” pursuant to INA 101(a)(35).  For IV cases, a party to an unconsummated proxy marriage may be processed as a nonimmigrant fiancé(e).  A proxy marriage celebrated in a jurisdiction recognizing such marriages is generally valid another marriage in the United States is not necessary if the applicant is admitted to the United States under INA provisions other than as a spouse.  See 9 FAM 502.7-3(B) for additional information on fiancé classifications.