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How to Write A Cover Letter to USCIS

  Is A Cover Letter Required With My Submission to USCIS? USCIS does not require you to submit a cover letter for any immigration benefit or visa application. They are commonly used though for any formal submission and filings with USCIS are no exception. Law firms will always provide a cover letter with a filing as it has many benefits and is also just standard practice. What Is a USCIS Cover Letter ? A cover letter is just a printed letter that helps USCIS officers navigate your application materials. You can place a cover letter at the top of your application, petition, or any other package of documents being submitted. You let the person opening the package know who it is intended for, what is inside, and who sent it making it less likely that it goes to the wrong place or there are other clerical errors. Further, by outlining your reasons for applying and the contents of your application in a cover letter, you give your USCIS officer a useful overview of your case. You can also us

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