Immigration Judges that Deny and Grant the Most Asylum Cases

Immigration Judge Who Denies The Most Cases NYC

The Judge with the highest percentage of asylum denials is a tie between IJ Menkin  and IJ Burns both with 83% denial rates for asylum cases.

This does not include the detained docket where denial rates are usually higher for multiple reasons. 

Immigration Judge Who Grants The Most CasesNYC

IJ Chew 7.1% denial rates and IJ McManus with a 7.4% denial rate on asylum cases.

Surprising to me, is that IJ Bukszpan (now retired) has the third lowest asylum denials rate in New York with 10%. I only had decide one case in its merits prior to her retirement so I have no reason to be surprised.  

These numbers are from TRAC,  Syracuse University, which tracks Government agencies and provides a ridiculous amount of data to the public along with reports summarizing their findings. I cite to their cite often because they have so much information available, on several government agencies not just immigration. You should check it out. 

I Since they cannot track all decisions for every year with any reliability, the numbers in this post are based solely on asylum decisions. The TRAC website has approval and denial rates for every Judge in every Immigration Court across the U.S. from 2017-2022.



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