NY Immigration Courts Closed Tomorrow, February 13, 2024

EOIR Operational Status Update

An email sent out by EOIR states that the Broadway, Varick Street, and Federal Plaza Immigration Courts in New York City will be closed tomorrow, February 13, 2024.

The Boston, Elizabeth, Hartford, New York – Broadway, New York – Federal Plaza, New York – Varick, and Newark immigration courts will be closed tomorrow, Feb. 13. Please see EOIR’s Operational Status webpage for details on internet-based hearings that will proceed, the alternate filing location, and agency operations nationwide.


Internet-Based Hearings Are Not Cancelled Depending on Immigration Judge

Check the EOIR Operational Status Webpage to see if your online hearing is going forward because they are specific to the Immigration Judge.

26 Federal Plaza: Internet-based hearings will proceed for IJs Cohen, Douchy, Golovnin, Gordon-Uruapka, Johnson-Papillo, Loprest, McFarland, Segal, Sponzo, Thompson, Tsankov, Segal, and Zagzoug. Alternate filings at Batavia.

Varick Street: Internet-based hearings will proceed for IJs Kolbe and Mulligan. Alternate filings at Batavia.

290 Broadway: Internet-based hearings will proceed for IJ McKee. Alternate filings at Batavia.

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