Biden Announces Executive Action Barring Asylum for Migrants Crossing the Southern Border

President Biden has announced new executive actions to address the situation at the southern border. These actions aim to deter unlawful border crossings and manage the high volume of encounters. The key points are:

Barring Asylum for Unlawful Crossings: Migrants who cross the southern border unlawfully will be ineligible for asylum, with exceptions for those who use lawful pathways or seek protection in a country they traveled through.

Expedited Removal: The administration will streamline processes to remove individuals without a legal basis to remain in the U.S. more quickly.

Increased Resources: Additional personnel and resources will be allocated to support border management efforts.

These measures will be implemented when the number of encounters exceeds the government’s capacity to process them promptly, as is currently the case. Presumably this means that the rule will take effect immediately.

The President emphasized the importance of securing the border while upholding America’s commitment to providing protection for those fleeing persecution. He also expressed disappointment over the failure of Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform, which would have addressed these issues more effectively.

See the White House’s Fact Sheet.

There are two measures being taken to further the goal of stemming the influx of migrants at the southern border.

Presidential Proclamation: This temporarily suspends the entry of noncitizens across the southern border.

Joint DHS-DOJ Interim Final Rule: This restricts asylum eligibility for those who enter the U.S. irregularly across the southern border, including both the southwest land and southern coastal borders.

According to the announcement, these actions aim to:

Deter irregular migration: By increasing the consequences for unauthorized entry and restricting asylum eligibility, the administration hopes to discourage individuals from attempting to cross the border illegally.

Manage the border: The measures are designed to help manage the high number of encounters at the southern border and ensure a more orderly process.

Protect national security: The administration emphasizes the importance of border security for protecting the nation.

The administration continues to call on Congress to provide additional resources and support for border security efforts.

You can find more information about these measures in the official fact sheet.


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