USCIS & DOS Steps to Reduce Visa Wait Times in 2023

 Waiving visa interviews in the U.S. and at consulates, more H2B visas, and more visas being processed at the consulates by fewer consular officers.

 USCIS & DOS claim to be taking major steps to reduce visa wait times in 2023. 

They recently announced the following new steps in an "update bulletin" on the @USCISImmigrationUpdates (not official) Youtube channel:

  1. USCIS is going to waive visa interviews whenever possible. 
  2. Processing more H2B an Student Visas, to help stabilize migration patterns.
  3. Processing more visas with fewer consular officers, waiving interviews for those who aren't first time visa applicants when possible.

These update videos are NOT posted by USCIS or affiliated with any Government agency. I'm do not know how accurate this is, so do your own research regarding this channel yourself.

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 Student visas prioritized for interview waivers when possible.